Average Project Minimum


5 hours

$120 per hour




No Contract

Cancel Anytime

*Restrictions Apply




Best Value

Best ROI

*Restrictions Apply


Here’s the bottom line: When employees believe the owner is highly engaged, two things happen. First, employees are less likely to make mistakes in judgement and cause losses. Second, the owner is relieved knowing that the location is being monitored and supported. Our program gives you peace of mind by offering the following services:


Employee encouragement
  • Video customer service reviews (single/multiple camera views)
  • Report documenting strengths/challenges
  • Awards/certificates for exceptional customer service
  • Yelp reviews assessment + video recall
  • Documentation report of incident strength/challenges
  • Certificates based on excellent customer service in
    • Phone calls
    • Yelp reviews
    • Customer Surveys
  • Report documenting strengths/challenges
  • Employee satisfaction and retention
  • Increase profits


  • Integrity shops (Bay Area)*
  • Physical location survey (Bay Area)*
  • Active customer survey (Bay Area)*
  • Register/detail tape review (Bay Area or remote connect)*


owner reassurance
  • Video equipment instruction/assistance
  • Known shortage/theft video review
  • Group video conferencing
  • Documentation report for thefts (case building)
  • Documentation of firings for cause (unemployment/theft)
  • Documentation reports for slip and falls**
  • Video conference support
  • Email support
  • SMS support
  • Insurance partnership
  • Peace of Mind



Disclaimer: Most offered services require active remote video access to location. Number of services available to each owner/location/membership package per month is limited. All information included in this website is for informational purposes only and does not constitute a contract, agreement or legal advice.

*Bay Area services subject to differing fees

**Determined by video coverage and recordings