In today’s economic environment, small businesses need all the help they can get. There are many costs to doing business that can’t be avoided. Accidents, bad customer service, fraud, theft and errors in judgment can all add up and end in catastrophe! There are many things that can distract you from your core principles. At the end of the day, it’s all about taking in more than you’re paying out. With the right Loss Prevention support, there ARE many things you can do to mitigate risk and decrease losses.



The people who work for you are not perfect and make mistakes. When problems come up, it’s easier and less stressful just to look the other way. But what if your employee is being subjected to peer pressure? Would you want to help them be able to stand up for themselves and stop the bullying? How about the one who’s having financial problems? Is there a way to help them lay down that heavy burden and get back on track? Other things might be driving them to make mistakes. Things like getting revenge on your businesses or simply impulse. Maybe they feel slighted or are usually honest, and simply taking advantage of an unplanned opportunity. Our experience has shown that the majority of losses fall into these four categories and when given the chance, employees want to free themselves of the guilt. This is where a Compassionate Intervention™ comes in.  Just think of a time when you had something weighing on your mind. When you finally shared it, you were relieved and able to move on. This type of intervention is designed to help everyone make the situation manageable in an open atmosphere. This powerful technique can reduce losses, increase profit and create an environment of honesty.



Despite your best efforts, there’s always someone who’s looking for an easy payday at your expense. Most businesses keep the required amount of insurance, and this helps offset most issues. But what if the accident is not your fault, wholly or in part? If you pay without a fight, you may be giving up more than you should. Additionally,  what if you have to let someone go for cause? Improper procedure and faulty documentation could work against you. Every honest person is entitled to help when looking for a job, but dishonesty should not be rewarded at the cost of your business. Video evidence and proper documentation will help keep your unemployment savings for those that deserve it.



Our remote customer service analysis is a powerful tool for your business. By conducting regular reviews of employee activity, we can address opportunities and reinforce good work ethics in real-time. Let us provide you with reviews, reports and effective support that tell you exactly what’s going on at your business. Additionally, random observations are the best way to ensure honesty and integrity throughout your location. After a while, the atmosphere becomes one where employees feel good about having the highest level of integrity. That’s what makes business profitable and long-lasting. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that we’re being vigilant on your behalf.


We get it…

Dealing with the negative stuff is no fun! In the course of our travels, we’ve partnered with many small business owners. While the vast majority of owners are aware that theft is just a part of doing business, how they deal with it has tremendous impact on their personal well-being. Those that routinely turned a blind-eye carried resentment, anger and long-term stress. The ones that we were fortunate enough to support, felt better about themselves and saw positive returns overall. The bottom line is that you can deal with problems after they happen, or you can make them less likely to ever occur at all. Our employee recognition program is the solution you’re looking for. You’ll feel secure in the fact that we’re being vigilant and responsive on your behalf. Your employees will feel supported and encouraged toward integrity and over time, things will get better for everyone! This premium service provides superior results so contact us now to find out more.